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Subject 06: Messengers of Allah (Part II)


This subject is the second focussing on the messengers of Allah and covers:

The superiority of some prophets. In terms of Nabuwwa, all prophets and messengers are equal and all are the chosen servants of Allah. However, Allah has certainly preferred some over others.

Can we call the Prophet a Bashar? Is the Prophet human like us? The programme will highlight the sensitivity surrounding the issue.

The Finality of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Insha Allah we will conclusively highlight how our prophet is the last and seal of all prophets, and how claims made by others such as Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani are false and blasphemous.


Length : 69 Minutes

Please Note:  Windows Media Player ActiveX required to view video files.

Course Material (PDF) : Messengers of Allah

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Hijri Date

Saturday Ramadan 1 1438
Saturday 27 May 2017

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Fajar 2.00 2.15
Sunrise 4.49
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Asr 6.37 8.15
Magrib 9.15 9.15
Isha 10.17 10.50


Ramadhan 1438 Moon Watch

Status : Confirmed moon sighting reports received.

1st Ramadhan - Saturday 27th May 2017.

Ramadhan Mubaruk to all



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