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Practical Hints for Hajj

Practical Hints for Hajj

Some practical hints and tips for the Hajj journey.

Before you go

Be Prepared


  • Get yourself a good Hajj book and read up on what you will be doing before you go
  • Go to Hajj seminars at your local mosque.
  • Be careful not to go to too many as sometimes you end up getting confused
  • Buy a small pocket size Quran, it will be very handy when you are waiting around as you can spend time in prayer instead of getting frustrated.


  • Before you even go walk, walk and then walk some more - it will really help you if you are as fit as you can possibly be.
  • Be prepared to go long periods on very little sleep
  • Take socks with you and foot cream as walking on the marble floor is difficult. (only use foot cream when you are not in Ihram)
  • If possible take medicines from here, eg Paracetamol/Sudafed/Imodium/Electrolyte tablets come in handy. There is a British clinic with English speaking doctors,.in both Mecca & Medina if you fall ill.
  • Can get masks at the Pharmacies in Mecca, highly recommend them, especially in Mecca before the Hajj. You will not be able to wear them when you are in Ihram.
  • Leave a photocopy of your passport and ticket at home. Also, keep one copy with you, as the Muallim will be in possession of it during your stay there.
  • Take sunglasses with you; the white marble flooring in the Haram can cause considerable glare.


  • At  Jeddah airport.
  • Going in and out of the Haram; there will be very large crowds of people moving slowly, have patience, DO NOT PUSH
  • At food outlets and shops
  • Queue for toilets

In Mecca

  • Make sure you have a card of the hotel that you are staying at with you at all times (in case you get lost). Also, make your children and elders traveling with you carry them too. Always keep your ID bracelet and ID card on you at all times.
  • All gates to the Haram look the same, Remember the door number or door name that you enter from. Remember the route to/from your hotel to the Haram yourself, don’t rely on other people.
  • Always appoint a place where you will meet up after prayers, it can take a long time to find someone again if you get separated. (Mobile phones are handy, can get SIM cards from there). Wearing a distinctive headscarf is another way of making yourself be seen quicker in a large crowd.
  • If you are taking a mobile phone, you will need a three pin to two pin converter. You can buy these from there or take them from here.
  • Keep a small notebook and pen with you. You can note down Salah times, names of places, directions etc.

5 days of Hajj


  • Check with your tour operator whether they will be providing food. Good idea to take some dry food with you, as food is not always easily available in Mina
  • Take a good quality sleeping bag (instead of carrying heavy blankets). It can get cold in the tents if the air conditioning units are switched on. It can get cold in  Muzdalifah in the evening too, especially at this time of year.
  • Ladies can take extra layers of clothing, such as cardigans, socks, just in case.
  • Queues for toilets are long, not always very hygienic. Remember to show patience at all times
  • IT IS VERY EASY TO GET LOST. Take a small notebook with you and write down the block number that you are in, write down the names of other groups that are near you and get a good sense of whereabouts your tents are. Look for distinct buildings (e.g. slaughterhouses) to assist you. Everything looks the same, and you will get lost.


  • Again check with tour operator if they will be providing food in Arafat. Take some dry food with you just in case.
  • Spend time in supplication and prayer.
  • If you are praying in your own tents (& not at the mosque), pray your Zuhr and Asar at the allotted times; do not combine them. (You may pray them shortened if you have been in Mecca less than 14 days before the hajj)
  • Leave Arafat after sunset, without reading Maghrib salah. You will perform this in Muzdalifah.


  • Take a small pouch to collect your pebbles in. Make sure the pebbles are not too big and not too small. No bigger than a date stone.
  • Collect extra in case you or anyone in your group loses theirs
  • Read Magrib & Isha combined. You will need to offer the prayers in the following order:
    Pray 3 rakats Farz of Maghrib salah
    Pray 4 rakats Farz of Isha salah (Note this will be 2 Rakats Farz for travellers)
    Pray 2 rakats Sunnat of Maghrib salah
    Pray 2 rakats Sunnat of Isha salah
    Pray 3 rakats Witr of Isha salah
    Pray any remaining nafils.


  • Stay calm
  • Stay close to your group
  • Don’t start stoning from far away as it won’t count and it may hit other pilgrims on the head.
  • Do not throw anything other than the stones.
  • If you drop anything, or if your shoes come off, DON’T BEND OVER TO PICK THEM UP.  This is how the crushes can start.  Walk carefully as there will be things that have been dropped in the way
  • If you don’t feel confident in doing the stoning yourself, get someone else to do it on your behalf.
  • On the Last day of the stoning, do not go straight away the end of zawal time. This is the busiest time and when most crushes occur. It is better to go a little later, even if that means you spend an extra night in Mina.
  • On the last day of stoning, do not take your luggage with you to the jamarrat.


  • Medina can get cold, so take some jumpers with you.
  • There are two set times when women can go for ziarat of Holy Prophets tomb
  • Remember manners, there is a lot of pushing and shoving. Please be patient.

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