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• Muslims  were the first to manufacture soap.
• During the 12th century, Abu Zakariya Muhammed al Hisar was the first mathematician to write the fraction with a horizontal line.
• During the Muslim rule of Spain, the Cordoba university library had over 40,000 books.
• The tallest minaret in the world is that of the great Hassan II mosque in Morocco measuring 656 ft .
• The word ‘hazard’ comes from the Arabic ‘Az -Zahr’ (gaming chance or dice) & the word ‘zero’ comes from the Arabic ‘Sifr’. As we all know, gambling is a hazard which leaves one with zero!
• The word ‘sofa’ comes from the Arabic ‘Suffa ‘(raised part of the floor covered in carpets used for sitting). The word ‘mattress’ comes from the Arabic ‘Al-Matrah’( a place where something is thrown or laid down) and the word ‘cotton’ comes from the  Arabic ‘Al Qoton’.
• The word ‘Arsenal’ comes from the Arabic ‘Daresna-a’ (a house of industry) and ‘Admiral from the Arabic meaning ‘Amir -al- Bahr’ or in charge of the sea.
• The English word ‘Tariff’ came from the French ‘Tarif’ which came from the Italian ‘Tariffa’  which came from the Turkish ‘Tarife’ which came from the Arabic ‘Ta’rif’!
• The word ‘Adobe’ meaning sun dried brick, comes from the Arabic ‘At-tub’. The word was taken from post Muslim Spain to Mexico and was mentioned in an article in 1623!
• The word ‘safari’ is a Swahili word which actually comes from the Arabic word ‘safar’ which means journey. And the word ‘Giraffe’ comes from the Arabic ‘Zarafa’
• The pendulum was invented by the Muslim scientist Ibn Yunus during the Reign of the Fatamids.
• The first place where Jumma (Friday) prayers were offered after the Prophet  (SAW) mosque were in the mosque of Abdul Qais at Jawathi, Bahrain! 
• The name Bosnia comes from the river Bosna.
• The most exact solar calendar existing to this day id the Jalali calendar devised under the direction of Umar Khayyam in the 12th century and still in use in Persia and Afghanistan. The margin of error in the Gregorian calendar is 1 day in 333 years while the Jalali calendar is 1 day in 5000 years!
• Burkina Faso means land of the honest men!
• During the 13th century, Ibn al Sauri produced one of the first books on botany!
• The great mathematician Al Kwazimiri headed a committee that produced the 1st map of the world in 830!
• Imam Jafar As Sadiq was an eminent chemist. He is credited with the discovery of alcohol, potassium nitrate, nitric and sulphuric acid!
• The Partenon in Athens, which was built between 447-432 BC was once a Turkish Arsenal!
• The observatory of Maragah in Iran established by Al Tulsi, was the first astronomical observatory created as a scientific institution.
• Muslim merchants introduced the letter of credit during the middle ages.
• Between 1371-72 CE, the Turks fought with Macedonia , Albania, Bosnia and Serbia. The peace treaty that followed made Turkey the major power in Eastern Europe.
• In 1193, Shahbaddin Ghuri won a decisive battle against Prithvi Raj of Delhi. The victory opened the way to Delhi which was captured by the Muslims in 1194.
• The cloth ‘Kiswar’ around the Kabah is made of silk thread. The verses of the Quran written on it are in gold thread. It weighs 670 Kg and costs £1.4M!
• The ‘Torre del Oro’ or tower of gold was built in 1229 CE by the Muslims as part of the ‘Alcazar’ (fortifications) . Later it became a repository for the gold plundered from the Americas by the Spanish hence it’s name.
• The Astrolabe is one of the earliest scientific instruments in the world! It enabled the early Muslim travellers and seafarers to pinpoint the day of the year, the time and even survey simple heights and distances.

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