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Eid-ul-Adha 2017 / 1438 AH

Astronomical data and moon sighting probability information is available. It is important that Muslims understand the facts and educate themselves on this subject.


Start of Zul-Hajj 1438


New moon will be born at 18:30 (UT) on Monday 21st August 2017.


Global scan for Monday (21st) evening (Click to view in detail):



RED Area: Impossible No Colour: Not Possible Blue: Need Optical Aid Magenta: Could be Seen by Naked Eye Green: Easily Visible by Naked Eye Cyan: Unknown


Muslims and Astronomers from across the world search for the new moon at the start of each Islamic month. Their findings are posted on the Internet on sites such as www.moonsighting.com.


The information gathered for Zul-Hajj can be seen by clicking here.


The moon will not be visible anywhere in the world on the evening of Monday 21st August 2017.


Global scan for Tuesday (22nd) evening (Click to view in detail):



RED Area: Impossible No Colour: Not Possible Blue: Need Optical Aid Magenta: Could be Seen by Naked Eye Green: Easily Visible by Naked Eye Cyan: Unknown


The moon will be easily visible across much of the world including locations east of the UK on the evening Tuesday 22nd August 2017. 




The moon is not expected to be seen anywhere in the world on Monday 21st August 2017 but will be easily visible across much of the world on Tuesday 22 August 217. 



Eid-al-Adha is expected to be celebrated across the world on Friday 1st September 2017.


Post start of Zul-Hajj Update:



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Hijri Date

Friday Shawwal 26 1438
Saturday 22 July 2017

Prayer Times

Begins Jamaat
Fajar 2.00 4.30
Sunrise 5.04
Zuhr 1.14 1.30
Asr 6.42 7.30
Magrib 9.17 9.17
Isha 10.22 10.45


Eid-ul-Fitr 1438 Moon Watch

Status : No authentic moon sighting reports received

Eid-ul-Fitr will be Monday 26th June.

Eid Mubaruk


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