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Ask an Alim

Title Hits
Glue on hand Hits: 1981
Intention for Qaza Salah Hits: 1642
Salah al-Istikhara Hits: 1720
Animal logos on clothes Hits: 2213
Can Qaza prayers be performed whilst sitting? Hits: 1828
If Allah knows, then why the test? Hits: 985
Sajda Tilawa Hits: 725
Use of plural nouns to describe Allah Hits: 609
Sleeping with partner Hits: 1031
Sea foods Hits: 1257
Discarding paper with Allah's name on it Hits: 1149
Latest time for Fajr? Hits: 880
Cloth on top of graves Hits: 1957
Which metals can men wear? Hits: 1971
Will cats go to paradise? Hits: 1965
Sitting between the two prostrations (Sajdas) Hits: 1878
Is saying Jum'a Mubarak Bid'a? Hits: 1909
Salah al-Hifz Hits: 2643
Only one method of Salah? Hits: 987
Urinating whilst standing Hits: 1287
Surahs in a certain order in Salah Hits: 1152
Do we read Sunnahs/Nafls when doing Qaza? Hits: 1010
Not joining the Jama'at after hearing the Iqamah? Hits: 813
Scorpions in grave as a punishment for swearing Hits: 1929
Fear or Love of Allah? Hits: 836
Inheritance distribution not done according to Shari'ah Hits: 801
Why do we ask for Baraka like Ibrahim in Durud Ibrahim? Hits: 829
Family pictures in bedrooms? Hits: 839
Burnt apple tree Hits: 826
Is the name Abdul Jawad correct? Hits: 1033
Can we perform Sunna prayers sitting down? Hits: 803
Janaza for non-Muslim Hits: 1109
Tahhiyatul Wudu before Maghrib Hits: 1018
Medical marijuana Hits: 1105
Help resolving a feud Hits: 876
Who was Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani? Hits: 1361
Is the Prophet (peace be upon him) alive? Hits: 1007
Lying to read Salah Hits: 984
Nikah certificate Hits: 1138
Zakah on land Hits: 900
Need to do Ghusl again after touching impure clothes? Hits: 1196
Can we eat at a burial? Hits: 1046
Do you have to get married? Hits: 1240
Dua for son with speech problem? Hits: 1008
Is the month of Safar unlucky? Hits: 1643
Taking revenge Hits: 1252
Salah al-Awwabeen Hits: 923
Sunnas before Fajr and Zuhr Hits: 770
Umrah before Hajj OK? Hits: 816
Precautions during ablution Hits: 958
Do men cover their knees? Hits: 1250
Does this count as divorce? Hits: 1064
Ghusl after smear test? Hits: 2665
Can children of a love relationship marry? Hits: 1105
Hugging Hits: 1561
Missing Salah makes you a non-Muslim? Hits: 1345
Can we name a child Taha or Yaseen? Hits: 3934
Cosmetics from the Dead Sea Hits: 1236
Can we include Gift Aid as part of our Zakah amount? Hits: 1677
Help in overcoming homosexuality Hits: 1884
Marriage in Shawwal Hits: 1261
Responding to the Azan Hits: 1115
Are there mistakes in Sahih al-Bukhari? Hits: 1937
Erecting the right foot during the Qa'da position Hits: 929
Is merely saying 'Allah' Zikr? Hits: 1006
Forced Bay'ah to a Pir/Shaykh Hits: 1029
Kaffara (expiation) for breaking on oath on the Quran Hits: 2979
Benefits of Surah Mulk Hits: 1461
Removing unwanted hairs Hits: 1250
Use of mobile phones and work in I'tikaaf Hits: 837
Does trimming nails & changing clothes affect Wudu? Hits: 4090
Correct method of sajda Hits: 1074
Missing Sadaqa al-Fitr by mistake Hits: 1002
Providing Iftar for those fasting Hits: 943
Does recitation mistakes affect Salah? Hits: 992
Trusting a hypocrite Hits: 1143
Givng Zakah without telling them it's Zakah Hits: 1006
Distribution of reward for Sadaqa given Hits: 894
Reading Juma but missing all other prayers? Hits: 1155
Wearing face cream during Ihram? Hits: 1026
Can we do Tayammum at the Haram Sharif? Hits: 1031
Tying a Rakhi on a girl Hits: 3347
Is ghusl necessary after climax? Hits: 1449
Monthly bleeding during fasts Hits: 880
Is wudu affected by cleaning children? Hits: 987
Making up for Zuhr prayer Hits: 910
Lack of precaution in Sehri times Hits: 1430
Wudu affected by hayfever tears? Hits: 851
Nafls on Layla al-Qadr? Hits: 1358
Is Hijama (cupping) allowed whilst fasting? Hits: 1367
Is Tahajjud Nafl or Sunna? Hits: 847
Punishment for missing a fast intentionally Hits: 1712
Combining prayers like Zuhr and Asr Hits: 1182
Bath standing or sitting? Hits: 1178
Diabetic checking sugar during fast? Hits: 874
How to do Ruku correctly? Hits: 1691
Does a person sitting I'tikaaf have to have a fast? Hits: 789
Is organising music events allowed? Hits: 861
Zakah on wife's jewellery Hits: 897
Are the devils locked up in Ramadan? Hits: 1124

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