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Calling your family for tea on birthdays and anniversaries is haram? Hits: 3066
Is it permissible in Islam to perform Fatiha of food or blow on food by saying Al Fatiha ? Hits: 34363
Sending kids to any madrassa ? Hits: 5787
Is being a Freemason allowed in islam? Hits: 3420
Devil (Shaitan) has implemented religions ? Hits: 2847
What is thunder and lightning ? Hits: 10618
Ashari and Maturidi ? Hits: 5816
New full body scanners ? Hits: 3137
One breaks an oath ? Hits: 2646
Why are muslims on the back-foot ? Hits: 5284
If my wife feels that I should not speak or meet my brother is it right? Hits: 3059
The permissibility of keeping some money I have received ? Hits: 2999
I'm plagued with all these negative thoughts ? Hits: 4418
Accusing someone of saying something while not witnessing yourself? Hits: 6883
Turn on the lights in the house at maghrib time? Hits: 10109
Dispose of of any paper items that contain the names of Allah ? Hits: 6213
Islam and travelling ? Hits: 7253
Using recycled paper for relgious material ? Hits: 2987
Is having schizophrenia the same as being possessed by a Jinn? Hits: 6622
Which scholars should i turn to for information? Hits: 3306
What is Islam’s position of global warming? Hits: 5384
Darwin’s theory of evolution Hits: 5350
Good translations of Arabic hadith tafseers in urdu ? Hits: 4677
Passing on unwanted gifts ? Hits: 3030
Life increased by remembering someone ? Hits: 3318
Duty to report illegal muslim workers ? Hits: 2877
Is it compulsory to change one’s name when he/she embraces Islam? Hits: 2462
Islamic ruling on the vaccination against swine flu ? Hits: 3381
Slipper/ shoe is on the floor with the sole side on top ? Hits: 3516
Protection from swine flu pandemic ? Hits: 2275
I would like to know if we can donate blood and bone marrow? Hits: 3583
Some Alims say the images on TV are like idols ? Hits: 2975
Is it right to ask about our future ? Hits: 2830
Considering converting to islam ? Hits: 4826
Can you clarify whether this caste divide is correct? Hits: 3241
Punished for thinking about bad actions ? Hits: 4086
Can Muslims undergo Laser Eye Treatment? Hits: 3172
Helping the family first ? Hits: 2986
sahih books of hadiths ? Hits: 4831
Prayer for wealth ? Hits: 5590
animosity towards kurds by sunnis ? Hits: 3133
Listening to Music ? Hits: 3478
How did blacks,whites,asians,somalians etc develop? Hits: 3208
Clubbing and other social events is permissable? Hits: 3184
Whistling & clapping are not permissible ? Hits: 8330
Feeling guilty after committing a sin ? Hits: 7638
Is shaking hand with naa mahramm like your cousins and uncle okay in shariya ? Hits: 3017
Can we say for sure that our sins are forgiven after asking for forgivness? Hits: 3006
White lies OK ? Hits: 4081
Reliable websites ? Hits: 4184
Medical reasons for adoption ? Hits: 2610
Please comment about what Islam teaches us about friendship ? Hits: 4195
What does Islam say about suicide in general and suicide bombers in particular? Hits: 7128
allowed to keep photo's/pictures in photo albums ? Hits: 3799
Can light/burn chiraag in our house ? Hits: 3362
Masturbating Hits: 4231
Are you allowed to read non islamic books? Hits: 2831
Can we place plants in the bathroom ? Hits: 3186
Explain the meaning of the term "khulwa" ? Hits: 10060
Is it allowed for Islamic Alim to shake hand with lady ? Hits: 3648
Islam website created by non-muslims ? Hits: 3197
How many years does it take to become Mufti? Hits: 10677
History of fortune-telling ? Hits: 7250
Is Abdul Muttalib is in jahannam (Hell) ? Hits: 6893
Is sickness a compensation for sins ? Hits: 3236
Is there any existance of social boycott in Islam ? Hits: 3926
Should we listen to Dr Zakir Naik ? Hits: 7099
given a wahabi (ashraf ali thanvi) book as a present ? Hits: 4471
Is khalid yasin a sunni lecturer ? Hits: 6051
British teacher calling teddy Mohammed Hits: 2793
Should not hoover after Maghrib time ? Hits: 8663
Is it a sin to wear coloured contact lenses? Hits: 4493
Relying on the content of Islamic websites ? Hits: 2977
Christmas Cards are allowed to be given out ? Hits: 2732
Cutting my nails at night? Hits: 6284
Islamic sharia law regarding the khulah ? Hits: 8096
Is sickness a punishment ? Hits: 2885
Having a tattoo ? Hits: 2551
My parents are non-Muslims Hits: 2920
Clarification Of Sheikh Ahmad's Chain-letter Hits: 3762
Switching the passage light on during Maghrib time ? Hits: 4510
Small lies and secrets ? Hits: 2987
Taking the side of someone even when they are wrong ? Hits: 2575
Incense Sticks allowed ? Hits: 17689
Helping my parents ? Hits: 3108
Backbiting and Islam Hits: 4119
What is the view of islam on superstition? Hits: 12895
Conditions that need to be met for a jihad ? Hits: 2525
Can we fullfil a promise, even if we are in doubt about it? Hits: 2682
Receiving television services ? Hits: 2269
Is astrology allowed in Islam ? Hits: 7411

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