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Two rak'ats before Jum'a? Hits: 1787
How are the sunna prayers of Zuhr recited? Hits: 1750
Latecomer to congregational prayer Hits: 1657
Tahiyyat al-Masjid prayers Hits: 1881
Not sure if sitting was done after two rak'ats Hits: 1430
What to read in Sajda and Ruku Hits: 8288
Jum'a in a village? Hits: 1453
Sunnas of Zuhr Hits: 1547
Reciting a surah in the third/fourth rakat Hits: 3658
Reward for responding to the Azan Hits: 6724
Correct method of Isha prayer Hits: 3435
What to recite in Sajda Hits: 3437
Forgetting the Sajda Sahw Hits: 1698
Correcting the recitation in Salah Hits: 1701
Purpose of Qaza Salahs Hits: 1599
Method of making the rows in Salah Hits: 1398
Intention when praying Salah behind the Imam Hits: 1625
Following the Imam in Salah Hits: 1427
Concentration in Salah Hits: 2025
Is Maghrib Salah considered Qaza after 30 minutes? Hits: 6719
When do we read Qaza Salah? Hits: 1955
Salah al-Tasbih Hits: 2568
What to do if you miss Eid Salah. Hits: 3224
Performing Salah without a hat Hits: 1643
Status of the congregational Salah when he joins at the end? Hits: 1195
Is Qaza Salah Fard or Sunna? Hits: 1911
Can we perform Salah without covering our heads? Hits: 1936
Raising the fingertips during Sajda Hits: 1104
Women's ankles in Salah Hits: 1986
Reading Salah in front of teddy bears? Hits: 2779
Sitting in the Qa'da position during Friday's Khutbah Hits: 3342
Is Tarawih Sunna Mu'akkada or Ghayr Mu'akkada? Hits: 1687
Where to women place their hands in Salah? Hits: 1610
Reading Salah with eyes closed Hits: 2180
Which type of Salah is most rewarding? Hits: 1920
Salah better at home or in the mosque? Hits: 2147
Method of Eid Salah Hits: 6066
Reading missed Salahs on behalf of the deceased Hits: 3836
Ta'awwuz and Bismillah behind the Imam? Hits: 3098
Nafl prayers on Shabe Mi'raaj Hits: 3304
Tahiyyat al-Wudu prayers Hits: 19583
Can you read Salah in the dark? Hits: 4775
Does missing Juma lead to disbelief? Hits: 3021
Have you missed a Rak'at if you join in Ruku? Hits: 2343
Can you read the Sunnas of Zuhr after the Fard? Hits: 3981
Performing Zuhr in a different sequence Hits: 1868
Benefit of Chaast prayer (Salah al-Duha) Hits: 19997
Reading Salah in front of someone sleeping? Hits: 4352
The sunnas and fards of fajr Hits: 2499
Combining prayers whilst travelling Hits: 2334
Prayer times during operation ? Hits: 3616
Benefits bestowed by Allah on a Muazzin ( one who gives azan) ? Hits: 9815
Necessary to sleep and then wake up for tahajud ? Hits: 2274
Praying all night as good as praying tahajud ? Hits: 1782
Missed a namaz while on the journey ? Hits: 5482
Obligatory to say bismillah before reading fathia in the 2nd 3rd and 4th rakat? Hits: 5083
Full namaaz at airport ? Hits: 2230
Can ladies pray namaaz with jamaat? Hits: 3783
Do I need to make up missed salaah or will asking forgiveness be enough? Hits: 3185
Tahajjud prayer ? Hits: 47548
Fidya for missed salaah ? Hits: 3066
On what basis can a person give fidya for namaz ? Hits: 10815
Hand on forehead after farz salaah ? Hits: 4759
How to perform qaza umar salah ? Hits: 5585
Is it permissible to pray with shoes provided the shoes are clean? Hits: 1754
Prayed by mistake during the makrooh time ? Hits: 2893
Recite istaghfar three times and a dua after Farz ? Hits: 5644
Praying qasar in travelling and returning in one day ? Hits: 3471
Fajr time in the summer months ? Hits: 4758
Change in formula for fajr time ? Hits: 2943
Using prayer time websites ? Hits: 3713
18 degrees angle and 15 degrees for Fajr ? Hits: 9409
Sudden change for fajr time ? Hits: 4160
How should a woman pray Eid-ul-Fitr namaaz in home alone? Hits: 19812
Permissible to pray namaz when my cat is sleeping or sitting in front of me? Hits: 7626
Finding a sunni imam and mosque for Juma ? Hits: 7805
How many rikat should I pray every day if i m going somewhere else for a week? Hits: 3099
Is it allowed for a muslim to sit and perform salah? Hits: 12060
Praying salaah during work hours ? Hits: 3045
Minimum of 3 people before there can be a valid Jummah congregation ? Hits: 8316
Timing of Salaah in space ? Hits: 3076
How to read tahajud salah ? Hits: 7348
How to pray Salaat ul Awabeen ? Hits: 17961
Can namaz be offered before its time ? Hits: 5762
Can husband and wife pray namaz together side by side? Hits: 8433
What to read when in salaah ? Hits: 20140
Praying Salaah after an operation ? Hits: 2277
Pray kasar salaah at own house abroad ? Hits: 4198
Between asr and maghrib namaz it is forbidden to pray any other namaz ? Hits: 25963
How to pray Sunna Ghair Muakkada ? Hits: 5507
What is the latest time we can perform Fajr Salah if we miss jamaat ? Hits: 4866
Fidya for missed fasts ? Hits: 5278
A few salaah questions ? Hits: 3218
Can husband and wife pray namaz together side by side? Hits: 8542
Finishing the remaining rakat missed in Jamaat ? Hits: 11111
Sajdah from reading Quran ? Hits: 21864
Dua-e-Qunoot in the 3rd Rakat of Isha Witar ? Hits: 13868
Missed Juma Salaah ? Hits: 28491
What’s the correct method of performing sadja e sahv ? Hits: 6019
Need to say name of Nafl in the Niyat ? Hits: 5413

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