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Can women sit I'tikaf? Hits: 2004
Superiority of Layla al-Qadr restricted to mosques only? Hits: 1542
Sitting I'tikaaf Hits: 2891
How long should be spend eating Iftar? Hits: 4421
Iftar provided by a non-Muslim Hits: 1900
Typical day in Ramadhan Hits: 1477
Congregational witr in Ramadan Hits: 1686
Fasting 60 days consecutively? Hits: 1804
Wearing make up during fast? Hits: 1830
Rinsing during the fast Hits: 2551
Fard and Nafl fasts during pregnancy Hits: 2099
Breastfeeding whilst fasting? Hits: 1570
Can a wife fast without husband's permission? Hits: 4092
When do children start fasting? Hits: 2893
Fulfilling the missed fasts Hits: 1715
Wet dream in the day affect fast? Hits: 1560
Miss fasts because of exams? Hits: 2017
Brushing teeth whilst fasting? Hits: 1970
Ghusl during the fast Hits: 1916
Kissing whilst fasting? Hits: 2036
Does Mazzi break the fast? Hits: 1958
Is the fast accepted without Sehri? Hits: 5223
Lighting incense sticks during the fast? Hits: 1810
Cutting nails and hairs invalidate fast? Hits: 2055
Does having a bath affect the fast? Hits: 1286
Fasting on Eid and friday? Hits: 1986
How does a breast feeding woman make up for fasts? Hits: 1252
Applying mehndi during the fast? Hits: 3523
Are the fasts of Shawwal compulsory? Hits: 1596
Foreplay during the fast Hits: 4019
Late tarawi times ? Hits: 1772
Eye drops allowed during fasting ? Hits: 8094
Can I keep fast if i m travelling by plane? Hits: 4580
Advice for first time fasting ? Hits: 3282
Contact with blood whilst fasting ? Hits: 3032
Migraine headaches when fasting ? Hits: 4830
Are the qaza fasts acceptable when the fast is made with this dual intention? Hits: 5628
Must make up your qazaa roza's in blocks of 6 or 7 ? Hits: 5758
Hard to pray 20 Rakaats of Tarawih ? Hits: 3894
Hadith of Mosa about fasting ? Hits: 4977
Use toothpaste after starting fast ? Hits: 4099
Muslim who passes away in Ramadhan is admitted straight into Heaven ? Hits: 5482
How would you fast in a country were you get 6 months daylight and 6 months total darkness ? Hits: 3558
Not eating between asar and magrib you get rewarded for fasting the whole day ? Hits: 7949
Different Sehri times ? Hits: 10094
Is it possible for one to pray fajr namaz straight after closing our sehri? Hits: 11095
People coming to tarawi ? Hits: 2276
Making up for missed fasts ? Hits: 3010
Tarawi is sunnah or fard ? Hits: 21033
I owe Kaffara money for missed fasts ? Hits: 5300
Fast for someone who has missed their fasts ? Hits: 2658
Can a woman praying taraveeh at home pray only 8 rakaats instead of the full 20? Hits: 3107
Nisab condition for fitrana? Hits: 8332
could one brush his/her teeth in the morning while he/she is fasting? Hits: 3159
if a person ejaculates whilst in the state of roza, does the roza break? Hits: 10882
Does rubbing vicks on chest/cheeks/nose break fast ? Hits: 7360
What to do if you break a fast ? Hits: 3597
Can Shawwal fasts be used to make up Ramadhan fasts ? Hits: 6271
Paying "Fidyah" ? Hits: 6386
while fasting can we still gargle? Hits: 6780
Not fasting because of lack of energy ? Hits: 2745
Apply nicotine patch while fasting? Hits: 5947
Does brushing your teeth break the fast? Hits: 8545
Cant fast due to medication ? Hits: 3719
Making up fasts after child birth ? Hits: 2692
Can you fast if Ghusl has been broken during the night ? Hits: 7716
Does injection break the fast ? Hits: 8691
Intentionally braking a fast ? Hits: 2641
Nafil Roza on Saturdays or Sundays is forbidden in Islam ? Hits: 8062
6 fasts of shawwal ? Hits: 4426
Take injection while fasting ? Hits: 6593
Can people with Asthma use inhalers while fasting ? Hits: 7781
Is tarawee fardh for women? Hits: 5085
Too ill to fast ? Hits: 3856
menstruating while fasting ? Hits: 6116
Is it permissable to apply vicks in the nose and ears while fasting ? Hits: 6238
Relationship with one's spouse during the month of Ramadan ? Hits: 5344
Fasting on the sixteenth Hits: 973

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