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Does a Haji have to give two Qurbanis? Hits: 2575
Do older women need a Mahram for Hajj? Hits: 1992
Going Makka before Hajj/Umra Hits: 1464
Fasting on the ninth of Zul Hajj? Hits: 1576
Performing Umra during the Hajj season Hits: 1335
Adjusting my Hijab during the Umra? Hits: 1936
Performing Umra duas in other languages? Hits: 1720
Is sponsoring an Umra Sadaqa Jaariya? Hits: 1937
How did the Qibla change occur? Hits: 2757
Umra before Hajj? Hits: 2900
Visit Makka or Madina first during Umra? Hits: 7960
Wudu required for Tawaaf? Hits: 2401
Reciting takhbir (9th dhul- hijah to 13th) ? Hits: 2131
Is one allowed to pray in the 'Haram' behind the imams ? Hits: 3034
Where to wear Ihram ? Hits: 6534
Can a daughter pay for parents Hajj? Hits: 5686
Is it permissible to perform Hajj with benefits money ? Hits: 2535
Fasting during zul-hajj ? Hits: 5231
Sitting with feet pointing towards Kaaba ? Hits: 4519
I am travelling to umrah from England via Abu Dhabi can I put my Ihraam on in abu dhabi? Hits: 4403
How to perform Umrah and places to visit ? Hits: 44755
Still get Sawaab for qurbani even if not sahibe nisab? Hits: 4351
Who is allowed to pray kasr namaz in mina,arafat and muzdhalifa ? Hits: 4955
Please clarify for me the teaching behind Qurban (the sacrifice) ? Hits: 3559
Tawaaf ziyaarah can be done before the 10th zul-hajj ? Hits: 2189
Is it permissible to send a family member to do Hajj ? Hits: 2790
What is the meaning of the word "MAKKAH"? Hits: 10374
Health problems prevent Hajj / ummrah ? Hits: 2261
Old with health problems but want to perform Hajj ? Hits: 2628
Cutting hair during umrah ? Hits: 11968
Ports of Miqaat ? Hits: 4691
Is it allowed to perform Hajj but paying for it using credit (e.g. loan or credit card)? Hits: 3765
khidr (a.s) and elyas(a.s) are alive n they go hajj every year ? Hits: 3435
Nafal performed after tawaaf ? Hits: 2772
If my qurbani is done abroad;should it be done on my eid dates or on the dates of that country ? Hits: 3453
person appointing someone else to do qurbani allowed to cut hair/nails ? Hits: 5093
Is fasting on 13th zil-hija valid ? Hits: 4120
is it true that prophet s.a.w. did not eat/drink on eidhul adha before qhutba ? Hits: 4592
Minimum age for Hajj Hits: 6547
Is it true Guru Nanak performed Hajj and Umrah? Hits: 6606
Hajj only removes minor sins ? Hits: 5323
2 rakaats for ihram ? Hits: 2700
Can one pray nafl after doing tawaaf between dawn and sunrise ? Hits: 4134
Permissible to travel with my adopted sisters for umrah as their mehram ? Hits: 2969
Is my fathers cousin my mehram ? Hits: 4378
I want to read out the iqamat the way haramain do ? Hits: 3427
Pills allowed to stop period for hajj/umrah ? Hits: 8092
Can Hajj be performed with outstanding debt ? Hits: 6734
Forbidden to pray behind the imam of haramain and sharifain ? Hits: 4837
Where to wear Ihram from for ummrah ? Hits: 10402
Can you make an umrah or Hajj if someone else is paying ? Hits: 6870
Asking for forgiveness before Hajj or Umrah ? Hits: 9034
Performing Hajj Tamattu ? Hits: 4219
Can a muhrim use a sleeping bag as this will cover his feet? Hits: 3474
Can a step brother be classed as a mehram for a girl ? Hits: 4347
Sunnat of drinking zam zam water ? Hits: 7479
Hajj - Women on their Menses Hits: 3869
Hajj - A woman is travelling for Hajj and her menses begin whilst she was preparing ? Hits: 3075
Would a brother-in-law count as a Mahram if your sister is also going? Hits: 2828
Can a woman go to Hajj, with a group of women and no other Mahram ? Hits: 4478
Would an adopted son qualify as Mahram? Hits: 2652
Who can be a Mahram ? Hits: 4245
Hajj - If a woman’s hair is prone to falling out, will she still have to pay a dam? Hits: 2585
Hajj - What If your Qurbani does not get done on the first day ? Hits: 3281
Married Brother as a Mehram ? Hits: 3117
Hajj - Combining Zuhr and Asr in Arafat ? Hits: 5706
If a person has some debt, should they pay off the debt first before doing Hajj? Hits: 2321
If a husband wants to go for Hajj, should he obtain consent from his wife? Hits: 4644
If you are doing Hajj-e-Tamattu, you can put on Ihram in Mecca ? Hits: 2243
Hajj - Is their any penalty associated with your stone hitting someone? Hits: 2016
Hajj - Can't get to do stoning, what do I do ? Hits: 3207
How do I pray Maghrib and Isha combined when staying at Muzdalifah during the Hajj? Hits: 6851
What do read and when do we start reading from the ninth of this month until the day after eid? Hits: 2401
Staying in Arafat during Hajj ? Hits: 3253
Which should take priority, getting daughter married or doing Hajj? Hits: 3007
Minimum age of a mahram for Hajj/Umrah Hits: 3134
Do you have to kiss the Black Stone during Tawaf? Hits: 1458
Pushing a wheelchair during the pilgrimage Hits: 1685
Do women cover their faces in the state of Ihram? Hits: 1217

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