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Cannot have children Hits: 1852
Re-marrying ex-husband? Hits: 2380
Water melon and pregnancy Hits: 4179
Salah after a miscarriage Hits: 3166
Pregnant at the time of Nikah Hits: 2872
Duas and Wazifahs for a good marriage Hits: 2907
Breastfeeding whilst pregnant? Hits: 1827
Ghusl after delivery Hits: 2260
Nikah over the phone? Hits: 2947
Duties towards parents and in-laws Hits: 2481
Bath after intercourse and as periods begin? Hits: 2288
Will Allah forgive someone who has an abortion? Hits: 2890
Finding guidance for a stubborn child Hits: 4200
Insultive words from the partner Hits: 2294
Marriage using words suggesting ownership Hits: 1593
Dua for child with speech impediments Hits: 3375
Kalima during the Nikah ceremony Hits: 7377
Dua for intercourse Hits: 4050
forbidden ties for marriage Hits: 2070
Living with a Hindu 'husband' Hits: 5218
Ask woman verbally 3 times during Nikah for her consent to the marriage ? Hits: 5085
Is talaq valid if the husband says talaq when the wife is in the state of nifas? Hits: 3167
Is nikkah still valid of couple are not having intercourse ? Hits: 3979
What is the waiting period for a women who divorces by khul ? Hits: 2316
Husband allowed to get physically close to his wife in Ramadhan ? Hits: 4613
My nikah may not be valid ? Hits: 3571
Is it compulsory to marry in Islam? Hits: 6063
Wedding mehndi and eye surma ? Hits: 3285
Children from previous marriage ? Hits: 1583
Permissible for husband and wife to look at each others private parts ? Hits: 3704
Sin for girl's parent if slw in getting married ? Hits: 2227
Woman's role is in a marriage ? Hits: 4685
Asking parents for marriage permission ? Hits: 1715
Can a muslim man marriage Christian girl? Hits: 10098
Nikkah to save ourselves from sin in a relationship ? Hits: 2404
Why is masturbating haram? Hits: 10235
Sex for pleasure is haraam ? Hits: 18056
Husbands who beat their wives in anger when things are not in their favour? Hits: 5053
Nikkah not valid without fathers permission ? Hits: 4159
Trying for many years but can't conceive a baby ? Hits: 5105
What is the waiting period for a woman who has got divorced by khul? Hits: 2782
Multiple husbands and divorce Hits: 2912
During the state of Idat you are not alloweed to adourn yourself ? Hits: 5555
Is there any wazifah one can recite daily in hope or to aid a marriage proposal? Hits: 4655
Different practice for when a boy is born ? Hits: 2927
After a baby is born ? Hits: 5843
Duas which are beneficial for the couples seeking children ? Hits: 11165
what duas are beneficial for the couples seeking Children ? Hits: 2660
Divorce via email and the state of Mehr ? Hits: 2585
Prayers to help with giving birth ? Hits: 4761
Guideline on when and how to announce a pregnancy ? Hits: 4520
Do I need a document to state I am Islamically divorce? Hits: 3573
Kissing requires Ghusal Afterwards ? Hits: 4801
Nikkah without parents permission ? Hits: 3528
I wanted to ask that is candles allowed on a child’s birthday cake in Islam? Hits: 4754
Nikkah to stop us performing sin ? Hits: 3417
Newly married and am struggling to pray and serve my husband ? Hits: 3315
Dua to help child speak properly ? Hits: 11425
During Nikah do you have to be in ghusl and wudhu ? Hits: 14272
Is a woman allowed to give divorce to her husband ? Hits: 2656
Nikkah without parents permission ? Hits: 8651
New born adhan and iqamah ? Hits: 7578
Divorce in anger ? Hits: 3116
Are we allowed to name the boy just Muhammed as his only name? Hits: 2103
I would like to know is a non syed allowed to marry a syed? Hits: 3594
Nikah is done but not consummated ? Hits: 6709
How to dispose the hair of a newborn baby? Hits: 4109
Can the husband’s wife choose to not live with her in-laws and request that they live separately? Hits: 2373
Permissible for a Sunni Girl to marry a wahabi boy ? Hits: 6401
Is there a time phase as to removing the hair of a new born child? Hits: 2586
Is there a time phase for a baby to be circumsised after his birth? Hits: 2233
Done nikha in secret without the permision of the parents ? Hits: 5258
My daughter is moslem and she wants to get married to a Christian man ? Hits: 2991
Is it right for society to look upon a divorced woman in a bad light? Hits: 4512
Love one child more than the other ? Hits: 2708
Sexual intercourse on wedding night ? Hits: 6976
No relationship between Husband and Wife ? Hits: 3126
IVF treatment was allowed Islamically ? Hits: 3712
Is liking someone a sin ? Hits: 4647
Is research on Human Embryo allowed in Islam? Hits: 3270
How can a married daughter serve their parents ? Hits: 2862
What is the meaning of Niqah in islam ? Hits: 7200
What becomes napak after sexual intercourse or foreplay? Hits: 20249
Managing sexual relationship ? Hits: 3834
Children from frist marriage are non-muslim ? Hits: 2060
Should not marry someone because of past mistakes ? Hits: 2606
Nikkah valid without sexual relations ? Hits: 3579
If a woman cannot have children, is surrogacy allowed? Hits: 5051
Can you marry someone as the same religion but different cast without parents permission? Hits: 3297
Segregation at weddings ? Hits: 4139
What if any are the conditions of a second marriage? Hits: 3597
Is it allowed to marry a 'Catholic' woman? Hits: 2479
Responsibility to Husband's Parents ? Hits: 2555
Listening to the parents of my husband ? Hits: 2687
Children outside marriage ? Hits: 2461
Child has nazar ? Hits: 5388
If the wife does not respond to husband`s sexual needs ? Hits: 3893
Talking to a potential spouse ? Hits: 2739
Guidelines that have to be followed when naming a child ? Hits: 1956
what is the correct procedure for divorce ? Hits: 3798

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