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Menses Hits: 1952
Can a woman in her menses remove hair? Hits: 2226
Menses Hits: 2340
Confusion over Haiz Hits: 2327
Question about menses Hits: 2570
Women reading Eid Salah at home Hits: 2372
Can women talk to men in Islam? Hits: 5014
Sometimes brothers tell the parents to not let go their daughter out ? Hits: 1873
Hair dyes contain some form of alcohol ? Hits: 2630
Permissable to use an epilator to remove hair ? Hits: 3929
Ghusal after internal examination ? Hits: 8390
Is it fardh on a pregnant woman to fast during ramadhan? Hits: 1690
Is it ok for Muslim women to wear jeans like every one else but covering herself ? Hits: 3912
Are muslim womens allowed to go out with her friends (only girls) ? Hits: 3222
cutting my 10 yr old daughters hair is a sin ? Hits: 2488
Women cannot travel over certain miles without a mehram? Hits: 4126
Very irregular periods ? Hits: 6390
Internal Medication Hits: 2223
Women dying hair ? Hits: 2367
Permissible after the period to do just ghusl (bath) then pray without removing hair ? Hits: 11415
Is it permissable for a woman to use a razor to remove hair from her body ? Hits: 4093
Monthly menstrual cycle rituals ? Hits: 4564
Women did to make up missed salaah while on monthly period ? Hits: 4387
Women performing Katham ? Hits: 6576
Can a woman pierce her ear lobe and belly button? Hits: 4099
Do women have to cover there feet whilst praying salah? Hits: 11228
Allowed to enter the masjid while on our monthly cycle ? Hits: 5080
Women pray zuhr namaz on friday ? Hits: 17063
Pill to stop period for Hajj and Ummrah ? Hits: 7258
Read namaz on her fifth day of menses ? Hits: 6233
Participating in islamic classes while menstruating ? Hits: 2815
Right to womens money ? Hits: 3042
Donations from money given by husband ? Hits: 2229
Is the women allows to pray while not remaining unclothed ? Hits: 3864
Wearing a jilbaab (burka, chola) is compulsory? Hits: 5621
I am allowed to enter the mosque when i am menstruating ? Hits: 5383
can a unmarried woman cut her hair for herself? Hits: 4627
Can I wear a hair wig ? Hits: 4032
If your period starts during a fast then does this break your fast ? Hits: 14158
Women should not apply mehndi to their left hand ? Hits: 5253
Modern' islam does not treat women and men the same ? Hits: 4406
Are women allowed to dye their hair? Hits: 3569
Ghusal when finishing periods ? Hits: 3549
Is it necessary for a lady to wear a head scarf? Hits: 4227
How is a woman supposed to dispose her hairs and nails? Hits: 5674
Ghusl (bath) after haiz or nifas ? Hits: 19382
Permission to keep long hair? Hits: 4507
Irregular menstruation cycle ? Hits: 15658
Does a woman have to cover her head infront of her sister's husband? Hits: 3615
Is a women or girl allowed to pray salah with her hairs tied in a bun? Hits: 7110
Can Durood Sharif be read whilst on monthly periods? Hits: 15425
Are women allowed to wax (remove hair from the arms and face) while fasting? Hits: 11903
Can a women leave the house wearing perfume/attar between asar and maghrib? Hits: 5935
Women's missed fasts and the fast of shawwal ? Hits: 4834
Two types of women never will get the pardon of ALLAH ? Hits: 5508
Is permissible in Islam to remove hair from arms and legs? Hits: 7760
Husband does not want you to wear a hijaab outside the home? Hits: 3803
What is the method of performing ghusl for ladies ? Hits: 6537
What can you pray and not pray whilst menstruating? Hits: 6995
Is wearing the face veil compulsory ? Hits: 3328
Are ladies allowed in the cemetery and why? Hits: 6964
Women during Iddat ? Hits: 4388
Women studying away from home ? Hits: 3101
Covering the hair but wearing revealing clothes ? Hits: 4118
women are able to lead a prayer congregation ? Hits: 4794
Irregular periods Hits: 1779
Irregular discharge during periods Hits: 1388

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