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Seeing sexual intercourse in a dream make you impure? Hits: 2955
Cleaning urine from the carpet Hits: 2713
Istinja and Wudhu Hits: 3342
Impurity around the house Hits: 2211
What can you do Tayyamum upon? Hits: 2058
Using a cotton every time after going to toilet ? Hits: 2015
istenja and urine drops problem ? Hits: 7367
Wudu and contact lenses ? Hits: 8724
The correct procedure of wudhu ? Hits: 4247
What is mani & mazi? Hits: 31071
Permissible to put face cream on after performing wudhu ? Hits: 7530
Rules regarding washing the feet in wudhu ? Hits: 10261
Fear of urine droplets after going to the toilet ? Hits: 6681
wudu is accepted while you are naked for instant while doing ghusl? Hits: 6158
Wudhu is accepted without praying bismillah? Hits: 3283
Using tissue when going to toilet ? Hits: 4099
How long can one keep wudhu for during the day? Hits: 8662
Is possible to touch the Quran and read it without wudu ? Hits: 5830
Is your wuzuh still valid after smoking a cigarette ? Hits: 12051
Correct procedure for a shower (ghusal bath) ? Hits: 7450
Correct step by step procedure for wudhu ? Hits: 5701
If you have concetepation for a long time so can our prayer still acceptable ? Hits: 3246
Ghusal using a shower ? Hits: 4233
Which directions can you seat your lavatory ? Hits: 2985
Do i need wudhu to listen to audo Quran ? Hits: 19186
Am I allowed to dye my beard ? Hits: 3134
After the Ghusl of a deceased person are people allowed to touch the janazaah? Hits: 4026
Correct time to cut nails ? Hits: 3653
Is it permitted in Islam for men to remove their hair permanently ? Hits: 8431
Washing your children when they in the toilet break the wuzu or not? Hits: 6351
Correct way of using the toilet ? Hits: 9061
Does full ghusl mean you have wudhu ? Hits: 4633
does one need wudhu to do dhikr or recite Allah SWT names while lying in bed? Hits: 15729
Is it a requirement of wudhu to have the ‘Satar Awra’ ? Hits: 3834
Problem keeping Wuzu ? Hits: 4161
What are the exact steps of performing ghusl (bath) ? Hits: 19475
Istinjaa without water ? Hits: 5012
Is it ok to stand up and have a shower ? Hits: 5802
Dirty, yellow water OK for Wudhu? Hits: 1168
Ghusl after female climax Hits: 2136
Does touching others break the Wudu? Hits: 1347
Splashing water from a toilet Hits: 1656
Doing Ghusl in the absence of water Hits: 1110
Difficulty keeping ablution Hits: 1399
What is Istinja? Hits: 5753

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Shab-e-Baraat will be celebrated on the evening of Thursday 11th May (After Magrib Salah).

Special programme to be held at the Leicester Central Mosque.

All welcome.

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