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Precisely when is the deceased questioned? Hits: 1878
Correct method of Salah al-Janaza Hits: 15863
Justification for dhargaas of important people in Islam who have passed away? Hits: 2874
Religion of a deceased girl when her identity is unknown? Hits: 1878
40 day thing seems so significant ? Hits: 7958
Qada namaz to make up after death ? Hits: 3088
Giving laan (Niyaz) when someone passes away ? Hits: 3212
Allowed to attend funeral of non-muslim family members ? Hits: 4684
Organ Donations ? Hits: 2687
Where is Paradise at this very moment? Hits: 3193
Rivers of Paradise ? Hits: 5152
Wife not allowed to see husbands face after death ? Hits: 5317
What happens after death ? Hits: 4409
sadaqa e jariya for the people who have passed away ? Hits: 16450
Views of Ghosts, Spirits are in Islam ? Hits: 9445
Is it possible for me to somehow communicate with my grandma who has passed away? Hits: 3225
What to pray when visiting the family of someone who has died ? Hits: 8679
Seeing face after death ? Hits: 3325
Visiting family of deceased ? Hits: 3279
Some of the sahabah being punished in their graves ? Hits: 2951
Permissible in Islam to place a gravestone ? Hits: 5877
Dead recognise visitors ? Hits: 3336
Distributing assets after death ? Hits: 3107
Attending non-muslim funerals ? Hits: 4435
Hijra dates or AD dates ? Hits: 3460
Carrying the dead during janaza ? Hits: 5954
Are we allowed to pick and book a grave for ourselves in preparation for death? Hits: 2529
Are we supposed to bury animals killed in a accident ? Hits: 3211
Can we give and should we give cpr? Hits: 4415
Can nafl namaaz be offered for the deceased > Hits: 5178
what one should recite when offering fatihaa upon a grave ? Hits: 5589
Are we allowed to put flowers on a grave? Hits: 20231
Umrah for isha-le sawaab ? Hits: 3637
Parents and Children in heaven or hell ? Hits: 3001
Same wife in Jannat ? Hits: 5603
Which wife will be with him in Jannat? Hits: 4331
This world will end on the year 2012 ? Hits: 3886
Signs of qayaamat (Day of Judgement) ? Hits: 11732
Husband allowed to see the face of his wife after she has passed away ? Hits: 3606
Punishment in the Grave ? Hits: 5602
Organ transplants and blood donations ? Hits: 7916
If you pass away during Ramadhan do you go straight to Heaven? Hits: 9424
Incense sticks are permissible on a grave ? Hits: 4315
What will happen to non-Muslims on the day of Kiyamat? Hits: 6278
A na paak woman, cannot wash the body of a deceased ? Hits: 3943
Dividing wealth for a will ? Hits: 4705
fatiha for the deceased can be sent from anywhere ? Hits: 5219
Removing all worldly possessions e.g. gold tooth after death ? Hits: 5104
Can we do qurbani on behalf on deceased persons? Hits: 17953
Protection from the fire and the punishment in the grave Hits: 2419
Seeking forgiveness from the deceased Hits: 1676
Designing a gravestone for a non-Muslim Hits: 1412
Do the deceased benefit from the recitation of the Quran? Hits: 21541
How should we pray for the deceased? Hits: 1378
Does Isaal Sawab benefit the agent? Hits: 1274

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