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Follow Saudi Arabla moon sighting ?


If I have understood the Eid section on the site.
If another conuntry i.e Saudi Arabia has confirmed sighting of the moon than we are
to follow aswell.
In the prophets time PBUH we would not have mass communication like today. So should
we rely on native sightings and whats local to us. What is the position on this and
how is it best to challenge the topic?


It is the responsibility of Muslims to first attempt to sight the moon in the country they reside. If this is not possible because of weather or other conditions then our Ulema have defined other criteria. If the Moon has been sighted in a country on the same latitude or to the east of where you live and this sighting has been confirmed by witnesses and verified by Ulema in that given country then this sighting is then used to begin an Islamic month.
The sad fact is that Saudi Arabia do not use local moon sighting but can take moon sighting from countries as far west as the USA. If they adopted local moon sighting then the UK would naturally start the Islamic month at the same time.
In the Prophets time, it was sometimes the case that Mecca and Medina started the month on different days and it was only known when travellers travelled between cities.

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